Monday, December 3, 2012

Physical therapy final project

Physical therapy, a form of health care, generally focuses on rehabilitating injuries and disabilities. Physical therapists treat a wide variety of patients from small children to young adults to senior citizens. These patients can be treated for a sports injury or a physical disability they were born with. Also people who are injured at war have to get physical therapy treatment to regain their health. Physical therapy is obviously a very important profession. Without it, people who are born with physical disabilities will never be able to get treated. Also without physical therapy, athletes with injuries as bad as a torn ACL will probably never compete again.  Being an athlete I have had many teammates and friends who have had bad injuries including torn ACL’s, broken bones, and many others. I have a lot of respect for physical therapist because they helped rehab them back to full strength.

I was introduced to physical therapy

two years ago when my uncle Robert had to have physical therapy sessions after his hip surgery. I was fortunate enough to watch one of his sessions, finding it very interesting. I was able to see the physical therapist put my uncle through a series of exercises to help strengthen his hip and get back to full health This was taken place at an occupation therapy office so he was put through exercises that would help him with everyday activities including: walking, walking up and down stairs, sitting down and standing up, and getting in and out of bed. Ever since, I have been interested in pursuing a career in physical therapy.  To do so, I am majoring in Kinesiology.

Social media is involved in physical therapy

Social media has taken a major role in our society in recent years.  Social media is often used for communication and entertainment, but physical therapists use social media for different purposes.  Physical therapists use social media for advertising. Physical therapy is client based, so advertising is very important. Physical therapist use social media sites such as Facebook, twitter, and Pinterest to promote their businesses. “But while Pinterest may be best known for its individual users who “pin” photos of popular actors and singers, businesses are figuring out ways to use the service to shell their services and products”(PT Resource). Physical therapist as well as other businesses are finding it helpful to promote their businesses through Pinterest.

Physical therapy in a struggling economy

In recent years our economy has gone into a bit of a struggle. This has affected many families and businesses. Physical therapy is one business field that has been affected by the economy. The struggle of physical therapy starts with people losing jobs. Because they are losing jobs, they are also losing their health insurance. Without health insurance people are forced to pay the doctors the full bill. Unfortunately, for most people this just is not possible. Therefore, they are not able go to as many sessions as they are supposed to. “Where they used to see patients 3 times per week for 4 weeks for 30-60 minute sessions, they may now need to see them 1 time per week for 45-60 minute sessions for a longer duration and place more of the onus on the patient to be compliant with a home exercise program” (Sheri). This is obviously a downfall for both the patients and the doctors. The patients cannot afford to pay for all the session they need to get healthy and the doctors are losing a lot of money because they are losing so many sessions. My mom’s physical therapy sessions have been affected by our economy. She was attending physical therapy sessions for and injured shoulder, but she had to stop going because it go tot expensive for her to afford. It is sad to see people health affected by the economy.

When doing this final project

I found it to be both fun and very educational. I learned a lot from my profession, Matt Charvet. He taught me the different ways physical therapists are using social media. He also taught me how the economy is effecting the physical therapy profession. Hopefully our economy will see a brighter future so that physical therapists don’t lose business and also so patients are able to afford their physical therapy sessions. 

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

digital divide vs participation gap- conner lipinski

Digital Divide VS. Participation Gap

“Digital Divide or Participation Gap? Will Mobile affect it?” written by Kevin Guidry
The article, “Digital Divide or Participation Gap? Will Mobile affect it?” written by Kevin Guidry from Indiana University was very informative. Kevin explains how the concepts of digital design and participation gap are affected by one’s finances. The richer the person, the more opportunity they have to use technology. People who do not have a lot of money cannot afford technology like iPhones and computers.
Digital divide…
Digital divide is commonly known as the inequality of groups in terms of access to technology. Guidry explains that digital divide still exists in America today, while many families do not own a computer or have Internet access. America’s populace ranges from extremely rich, to extremely poor, causing this divide.

Participation Gap…
The participation gap is the idea of having the access to the technology, but not using it because they do not have the skills.  The participation gap relates back to the digital divide. Many people do not use technology because they do not have the technology skills or just are not confortable with it. These people do not have the skills because they have never used technology before, probably because they were not raised in a home that could afford the technology.

Does the digital divide still exist in the United States today?
The digital divide still exists in the US today. Technology has rapidly grown in recent years in the US. Devices such as smart phones, laptops, and TV’s are becoming more popular everyday. While this is happening, there is still a digital divide. While some people have an iPhone, ipad, and a computer, others do not even have a cell phone. Many of the people who do not have cell phones or other sources of technology are unemployed and cannot afford it.  Digital divide is also shown in college. The Data Service reported in 2007, nearly one third of college students did not own their own laptop.

Digital divide occurs in certain areas of the country.
The digital divide is most common in urban and rural areas. Some urban and very rural areas are not wealthy, so these people cannot afford the technology that wealthier people can.

Does the participation gap still exist in the United States today?
Personally, I do not think the participation gap still exists today. The iPhone, the most popular phone in the US was designed to be extremely user friendly. This being true, everyone can easily learn how to use the phone no matter what their technology background.

How will the digital divide look in 3-5 years?
In the next 3-5 years I see mobile devices decreasing the digital divide. I believe smart phones will become more popular, eventually taking over computers.  Smart phones are portable, and more accessible, plus they do virtually everything a computer can do. This is very appealing to the people of our country. Technology will expand to the rural areas and become more affordable to the people of the urban areas, decreasing the digital divide. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

citizen journalism- conner l

Citizen journalism

With the new popularity in smart phones, citizen journalism is at an all time high. Citizen journalism is the idea of non-professional journalist posting news on blogs and other social media cites including, Facebook and twitter. For example you may post a picture or video of a professional athlete that you see out in public or if you tweet about any news worthy event. These are both acts of journalism.
Glazer asserts that in "We the Media," Gillmor traces the first record of citizen journalism to be in the 18 century “when pamphleteers such as Thomas Paine and the anonymous authors of the Federalist Papers gained prominence by printing their own publications”. Though it was not popular, it did occasionally happen in the 18 century. More often it happens in the present day. In the past, before iPhones, BlackBerrys, and other smartphone became popular, citizen journalism was not very popular. In fact, before these phones came out, the most popular way to here about news events was by reading the daily newspaper. Nowadays, the iPhone is the most popular phone. With the click of a button, one can upload a picture, video or news story to the Internet for millions to see. As a result of the rise in citizen journalism, professional journalists have to compete to find news stories with everyone who owns a smart phone.  There has actual been some controversy over citizen journalism because many profession journalist believe only trained journalist know what it takes to write a real news story. I believe professional journalist feel the people creating the citizen journalism stories stealing their thunder.
An major example of Citizen journalism was the death of Bin Laden. Keith Urban, a country music star, was one of many to act as a citizen journalist. “At 10:25 p.m. on May 1, 2011, Keith Urban, who happened to be the former chief of staff for Donald Rumsfeld but in this case was functioning as a citizen journalist, tweeted: ‘So I’m told by a reputable person they have killed Osama Bin Laden. Hot damn”. As a result of Urbans’ tweet, twitter, Facebook and other social media cites exploded. While this was happening, professional journalist writing for newspapers and magazines lagged behind because they had to wait for their papers to be printed and delivered. By the time their newspapers and magazines were delivered the next day, it was old news.
            Other major news stories first reported by citizen journalist will consist of video footage of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in the '60s and footage of police beating Rodney King in Los Angeles in the '80s. Citizen journalism happens everyday with out people even realizing it. I have probably even done it myself with out even knowing it.
            Now that everyone has cell phone that have cameras and instant access to the Internet, its really hard for celebrities to get away with anything without being a victim of citizen journalism. Two cases come to mind when thinking of citizen journalism affecting someone’s reputation, one being the Michael Phelps case. Phelps, the greatest Olympian of all time was caught smoking Marijuana. At a party someone took a picture of Phelps smoking out of a pipe on their camera phone. Shortly after that, it was posted onto the Internet for the whole world to see. Phelps was suspended from competition for three and cut of his financial support for three months by USA Swimming. Not only this, Phelps a hero to many kids throughout the country, was now known at a pothead. Phelps, still he greatest Olympian ever, will always have this marijuana case on his record.
            Another case that comes to mind is the one of Ben Rothlisberger.  Roethlisberger, a super bowl winning quarterback for the Pittsburg Steelers, was accused twice of rape. To go along with Roethlisberger’s already poor reputation, he was caught partying with a bunch of young woman. Ben Roethlisberger was another victim of citizen journalism. While at the party, just a regular citizen took a picture of him and posted I to the Internet. Now that so many people have smart phones with cameras and Internet, it’s hard for celebrities to go to parties. If celebrities do anything illegal or socially acceptable they will be caught on camera and shown to the world.
            In conclusion, with the new popularity in smart phones, citizen journalism is at an all time high. With the click of a button and citizen can post a news story or picture.